Saturday, November 21, 2009

"Biking In Lesvos Greece -April 09": Rain day

Most of yesterday and all of last night the rain beat against the roof. I woke to low hanging clouds combined with misting light to heavy rain. As my only set of cycling shorts was still wet from the wash I had only one destination for the day, a bakery.

I could smell it from my window now all I had to do was navigate the twisting maze of streets until I could find my reward. (Now I know how a rat feels) eureka! It was only 10 minutes of wandering and I now was munching on fresh raisin buns still hot from the oven. I went up to the castle making a complete circle around it outer walls. It was closed for the day but the view from the promontory was still stunning. This village clung to the cliff walls under the protection of this castle for hundreds of years. From the castle I roamed the streets until I was back at the Mediterranean. Just call me 'Joe Tourist' as I took hundreds of photos and asked questions from anyone who would stop and talk to me. The only thing I was lacking was the loud Hawaiian shirt.
Dinner that night was in a small harbor restaurant where the female owner who spoke as much English as I spoke Greek cooked me a meal of five types of local fish from the fishing boats docked just a stones through from the restaurants door.

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