Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sheep can't read

Once again awake in the dark. I read during the two hours it took for day light to catch up with my sleeping habits. Today was a day for exploration. I would leave my gear here at the hotel after breakfast and ride off to a few archeological sites that were close by. I think that grandma was pissed at grandpa for that free bottle of water. She took her revenge on my poor soul. I sat with the family having two fried eggs, a cup of coffee and a slice of French bread. When done grandma set the price at 10 euros.. If I had know I was dining at the Four Seasons I would have worn long pants.

Ruins of a fourth century B.C. temple sat high on a small promenade. A Greek church was a half dozen feet from this. This island is dotted with almost as many small Greek churches as there are olive trees. I have seen them clinging to cliffs high up in the mountains, huddled under the pines next to to shore..Along the roads there seems to be at least one every few kilometers.

Some are old construction in the hundred of years category others are as new as this year. None are large or elaborate but again there were hundreds of them.
I walked out on this point of land sticking out into the Mediterranean knowing that some artist stone mason had walked these same paths, looked out over these same waters. There were goats grazing nearby on the tall grass as I thought about how big the world had become in those twenty five hundred years since he was here. Okay enough of those deep moments.
A nice chat with a couple of older local fisherman repairing their boat from a at sea collision. Not bad damage but to hear them talk (broken English) the man who hit them had better sleep with one eye open.

The road. I had better stop here and define road on this island as only a way to get from point A to point B. Never in a straight line and never with a consistent width or surface. This road that I was now taking was made from poured concrete and about the width of a normal driveway. The surface was rough and unfinished, a typical standard for these concrete roadways. I peddled along enjoying the heat from the sun soon coming to an area of roadway that was dimpled with hundreds of small indentations. Bumping past it finally dawned on me that Sheep can not read wet concrete signs in either Greek or English.

Speaking of reading Stop signs are only in English. everywhere in Greece. Does this mean that if you can’t read English you don’t have to stop???

There was another town about five miles back from the coast that I headed for in a quest for dinner & lunch food. I filmed this little town and will have the video available as soon as it is edited.
One other observation picked up on this trip is that I would eat what I could pronounce or just recognize. I never eat potato chips at home but here I was picking up a bag of chips because I recognize them.
This little village had a small collection of natural history pieces that made for a nice break from the norm.
Curator was pleasant, knowledgeable and eager to use his English. Once thousands of years back this Island was buried rapidly under a blanket of volcanic ash. Caught were many animals that fossilized now serve as part of this collection. On the other side of this island I will visit the petrified forest that is a result of this same eruption

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