Monday, May 10, 2010

And what do you do for fun?

Yesterday ended with a nice camp along a remote section of beach. What from a distance looked soo inviting turned out to be a serious letdown upon my arrival. The winding mountain roads had finally brought me back to some semblance of civilization. Hell there was even pavement for a few hundred yards.
Then gravel, then pavement, then gravel, I could keep this going but I think we all have the picture. Do not take any of this as a complaint as I am just passing on the conditions I went on while I sang badly at the top of my lungs, happy to be on tour. Several miles around this bay sat an old abandoned fisherman’s shack along a single track trail. I made my way over thinking that there would be some flat ground nearby to pitch my tent. I was in for a surprise as all I found was large rocks and garbage. Lots and lots of junk, everywhere. My options were limited as to what I should do as daylight would leave me stranded before I would be able to retrace my route back to a suitable camp spot. Make lemonade was the best solution as I rolled out my ground cloth right on the path that got me here. I cleaned a circle of junk away from my camp area and started a blaze with the debris. What started as a five minute project to clear a space around my tent became a hour as I cleared off a large area on the rocky beach of plastic bottles, jugs, buckets, old nets and other junk that had be washed up by the water to this shore.

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