Thursday, March 4, 2010

Once again the weight of reality

Once again the weight of reality outweighs the dreams of planning.
As I head into the final weeks before departure I have accumulated a nice pile of gear that was purchased just for this trip. Each Item having just one purpose “to make my upcoming tour more enjoyable”. Simple light words used to justify purchases of a new bike, tent, clothing, two different bike bags along with a host of assorted small gear.
Here I was with my four Panniers and my dream pile of gear that even with careful packing was more then I could fit in my panniers. Signally they were attached to the bike. What’s the joke about failing off a cliff? It’s not the fall that kills you; it’s the sudden stop at the bottom. So it’s not the weight on one panniers it’s the sudden realization that combined your bike weighs more than a Humvie. Ouch!!!
I knew I was going pare some weight but the items that I ended up with in the no go pile were staring me with big fat puppy dog eyes pleading for a chance to go to Greece.
New padded camera bag – NO GO – replaced with Camera Armor
New spacious tent – NO GO – replaced with old friend and past touring warrior 1 person tent
New titanium pot & pan set – NO GO – Not replaced more bulk issue then weight.
Clothing - NO GO – Yes in the team spirit of CYCLE NU I will be traveling (had you going there) What was once two panniers worth of clothing now fits into one.
So I reduced the size of my load from four full panniers by half and knocked out over 10# of weight.

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