Saturday, March 13, 2010

Two Weeks and Counting

Just two more Saturdays of work. Does it seem like I am counting??
Fat wet snow flakes this week gave the morning ride a little post holiday flavor.
How can a little snow or a cold hard rain dampen your day when you know a tour is just weeks away.
This is a great time to road test all of your wet weather gear that you are hauling along on your trip. Does your rain jacket have enough vents to keep you from soaking from the inside out? Is it long enough in the back, going below the seat when you are sitting so the rain doesn’t pool on you seat.

We all love riding with sparkling new gear but beware the thought of not getting it dirty until the trip can back fire. Just yesterday found out that my new water resistant LED tail light didn’t like the rain. When it was first bought some weeks ago it was tossed in the pile of going on tour gear but being held back with “ don’t use until trip mind set." A change of mind (happens often in my world) got it placed on the bike for a few rides. A cold hard rain, a fast downhill run then there was no light. Water had snuck in and caused it to fail. More then glad that it was given a actual hard test run.
It was fully warranted so replacing it wasn’t a problem. So now testing its brother to see if it is an design issue or just a flaw with the original one.

The rain cover on the new handlebar basket is having an issue with the brake cables. Could send them both to counseling if that would help but really think that it is just something that needs to be adapted before the next heavy rain.

348 hours, not that I am counting…

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