Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pile of Stuff

Hard to believe that in less then 17 days I will be riding in another country under the Mediterranean sun. Today is about what I am taking, (with photographs).

I have transferred my Aero bars to my touring rig. As I have written about these in the past I shall just say that after ten years of use I would never tour without them. My new HD video camera now mounts right there on the front of the aero bars giving the camera a great height to record from. Did a test ride yesterday recording the commute to work. There shall be some spectacular Greek videos coming your way before no no wait for it seventeen days.

Clothing as you can see from the photographs is packed in several one gallon zip lock bags. Many a good reason for this.
First off it packs smaller. You can sit on the bags then seal them creating a package with most of the air gone.
Second is being able to see and choose items without having to touch them with dirty hands. Great for heading to the shower after one of those days where the chain needs repair and the dirt from the road just caked on everything.
Last is being able to have your sweat filled jersey properly sealed away from making all of your clean gear smell like a 8th grade locker room.

There is the Kelly Kettle next to my french press coffee maker.
A small tool kit, a few extra nuts and bolts,a spare clip in, tire patch kit, all in one tool, three zip ties

Sleeping bag with tent & footprint all in one compression sack.
Hint: load the sack with your sleeping back first then the tent. This way you set up the tent before having to pull the bag out exposing it to possible bad weather,dirt or what not.

Sleeping pad & tripod in one sack

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